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Welcome Message

Dear AAS Members and Guests,

Welcome to the 2022 American Auditory Society (AAS) Scientific and Technical Conference! We are thrilled to be holding an in-person meeting at our new conference location, https://www.scottsdaleplaza.com, as well as offering a virtual component for attendees unable to travel. To ensure the health and safety of all attendees, we are requiring proof of COVID vaccination and are recommending boosters for all in-person attendees. Additionally, we will be offering on-site rapid COVID testing and we are committed to ensuring masking and adequate physical distancing while continuing to support and encourage the social and scientific interactions characteristic of this conference!

The 2022 AAS meeting will continue the tradition of promoting translational research and providing an intellectually stimulating and collaborative atmosphere for all attendees. This will be the first year we are offering an in-person meeting with an asynchronous virtual component. This year’s lectures will be recorded and posted on the conference website for viewing by all attendees at their convenience following the live event. We are hopeful that this hybrid platform will attract a broader audience for attendance and participation and that we can continue this approach for future meetings.  

We have lined up an exciting scientific program stacked with presenters and investigative teams representing the latest and most rigorous clinical and scientific research. As outlined below, the 2022 meeting will follow a tried and trusted format including oral and poster presentations across the 3-day conference. We are delighted to offer this exceptional speaker line-up for our featured sessions. 

Carhart Memorial Lecture

This year’s Carhart Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Anu Sharma, PhD, Professor, Associate Chair, and Coordinator of Graduate Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Over her distinguished career, Professor Sharma has made significant contributions to our field focusing on auditory and cross-modal neuroplasticity in response to congenital and acquired hearing losses as well as the effects of hearing technologies on cortical reorganization. Her lecture entitled Harnessing the Clinical Power of Neuroplasticity to Enhance Outcomes will detail the vast inventory of her scientific discovery and its associated clinical application. 

Translational Lecture Series

The 2022 Translational Lecture Series will include three brilliant investigators whose presentations will most certainly inspire attendees’ transdisciplinary interests, creativity, and collaboration. Bharath Chandrasekaran, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair of Research at the University of Pittsburgh will kick off this series with his presentation on speech perception in noise including etiological bases as well as associated clinical considerations. Next in the line-up is Marshall Chasin, AuD, MSc, who is the Director of Audiology and Clinical Research at Musicians’ Clinics of Canada. Dr. Chasin will be pulling double duty as his translational series presentation on music and hearing aids was also named as the 2022 Killion Lecture. Rounding out the translation lecture series, Matthew Bush, MD, PhD, MBA, Professor, Vice Chair for Research, and Endowed Chair in Rural Health Policy at the University of Kentucky, will present pragmatic approaches to overcoming hearing healthcare disparities.

Special Session: Future Therapies for the Ears

Our Saturday afternoon special session will focus on the future of hearing therapies, an area which has seen a rapid evolution in recent years. In this special session, which brings together experts from academia and industry, Dr. Edwin Rubel will open with an overview of regenerative and genetic medicine aimed at auditory restoration. Following Dr. Rubel’s introduction, Dr. Lisa Cunningham will provide an overview of the tools needed to develop hearing therapeutics, Dr. Suzanne Mansour will cover sensory cell differentiation in the cochlea, Dr. Will McLean will present on regenerative therapies, Dr. Jonathan Whitton will discuss gene therapy for otoferlin-related hearing loss, Dr. Alan Foster will present on clinical efficacy of an intratympanic NMDA Receptor Antagonist for tinnitus, and Dr. Andrew Groves will provide an overview of The Hearing Restoration Project and the challenge of hair cell regeneration. We will wind up the conference with an expert panel discussion moderated by Dr. Rubel which will include all invited speakers of this special session.


AAS President, Dr. Charles Limb, will be hosting the 2022 awards ceremony on Friday afternoon. We will honor many awardees this year including NIDCD funded Student Travel Awards, New Investigator Travel Awards, and the Ear & Hearing Editor’s Award to be presented by Dr. Brenda Ryals. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the 2022 recipient of the AAS Life Achievement Award is Judy R. Dubno, PhD. Dr. Dubno is a Professor and Director of the Hearing Research Program in the Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina and is truly the world's leading expert on how age and hearing loss affect auditory processing of simple and complex stimuli. 

Social Events

In light of the ever-evolving COVID pandemic, we have made the decision to forego the large social event that we typically hold on Friday evening. However, we will be holding an outside, socially distanced happy hour on Thursday evening following the Carhart Memorial lecture. We would also like to encourage all attendees to safely enjoy the amenities, dining options, and abundant open spaces of the beautiful Scottsdale Plaza Resort. While we are disappointed about the Friday evening social cancellation this year, we are already looking forward to resuming this tradition and offering additional social activities for the 2023 meeting. 

Program Committee

I would like to take this opportunity to formally express our most sincere gratitude to AAS Executive Director, Darla Eastlack, for her outstanding abilities and talents that ensure the successful planning and execution of this annual meeting. Additionally, I would like to thank the following members of the 2022 AAS program committee who provided the most thorough review of over 200 submitted abstracts—a task that unfortunately coincided with both the end of the Fall semester and the 2021 holiday season:

Angela Bonino

Anna Diedesch

Jason Galster

Anil Lalwani

Beth Prieve

Carmen Brewer

Viji Easwar

O’neil Guthrie

Lori Leibold

Sherri Smith

Emily Buss

Brent Edwards

Avril Holt

Vinaya Manchaiah

Jessica Sullivan

Chris Clinard

Dave Fabry

Lisa Hunter

Devin McCaslin

Heather Weinreich

Sumit Dhar

Erick Gallun

Francis Kuk

Ryan McCreery

Chris Zalewski

I would also like to extend our thanks to all attendees who accepted the invitation to present their work and moderate sessions—particularly given the wave of COVID-induced uncertainty surrounding travel and conference attendance. We would like to thank the Industry Research Consortium for sponsoring and organizing their virtual session as well as the AAS Board of Directors for their help and guidance planning for this meeting. Finally, AAS is especially grateful for the continued support from NIDCD through a R13 conference grant. This R13 grant has allowed us to bring our exceptional Translational Research and Special Session speakers to the meeting and also provides generous support for our Student Travel awards. Please join us Friday afternoon following the awards ceremony for an AAS Mentorship Session on the Publishing and Peer Review Process followed by a T35 panel discussion on using your poster and research to advance your career. This will be a great educational and networking opportunity for students and early career clinician-scientists. 

Finally, I am so very thankful to the AAS membership and all on-site and virtual attendees. From the AAS mission, to the annual meeting, and the success of our society’s journal—none of this could happen without you, your service, and scientific contributions. As we are now over two years into this global pandemic, I am certain that none of us will take this opportunity to hold a safe and responsible meeting for granted. As such, I am so looking forward to enjoying this great scientific program, celebrating your awards, and interacting with dear friends and colleagues. 

René Gifford, PhD

2022 Program Chair

A Message from our President